who we are

KOMOREBI is a counscious fashion label who celebrates longevity and perfection. Every KOMOREBI kimono, handmade in Japan by skillful couturiers with high-quality sustainable materials using traditional techniques, has been tailored on order from the 1920’s to the 1970’s. That’s why there is only one piece of each in the entire world, making our kimonos so unique and special.

where we come from

We advocate slow fashion. We were born out of the idea that remarkably elevated products should live a long life. We focus on quality and uniqueness and deliver an experience based on excellence. If properly cared, our kimonos will last a lifetime for many generations to come.

Believers in elegance and timelessness, we are impelled by beauty and devoted to economic and ecological sustainability. Respecting our tailors as artists, we focus on fair stable economic relations and work with products, artisans and crafters faithful to sustainable and ethical manufacture environments.

what we do

Our curatorship starts in Japan, where we locally source and carefully select all our kimonos for their beauty and authenticity. When in Portugal, we work at our atelier to restore some of the pieces and sometimes to add that little something that makes them even more special and unique. By doing so, we bring you a high-end exclusive collection of the most iconic garment in the history of fashion.

Committed to providing the uttermost genuine and complete experience of their artistry, we also study the deep meaning of each one of our kimonos so we can share its history with you.